Who are we

Since 1928, Caddie Hotel develops and manufactures highly innovative hotels equipment.

Recognized as one of the leading companies in the hospitality industry, it offers a large variety of trolley and furniture to meet all the service, handling, and storage needs within different hotels.

The in-house design office, located near Milan (Italy), provides a wide range of functional and durable products for housekeeping, front office, laundry service, as well as room service and catering.

Our Mission

Team specialists design and manufacture highly functional products, to meet and simplify the jobs of thousands of professionals who use them daily worldwide.

One of the main goals is to combine aesthetic and functionality for a perfect unison to achive one purpose: client satisfaction.

As Oscar Wilde said, “You Never Get a Second Chance to Make a First Impression.” This turns out to be particularly true for hotels and restaurants.

Since the beginning, our mission has been to support the clients and contribute to providing an impeccable service without any compromise.

Distribution networks

Worldwide partners and distributors in 120 countries. Global shipping, with direct offices in:

  • ITALY (Headquarter)
  • USA
  • HONG KONG (Coming Soon)
  • DUBAI (Coming Soon)

For more information about our reseller please write sales@caddie-hotel.com

Our strengths

  • Large variety of durable materials
  • Optimized functionality for the environment protection
  • Complete range of different accessories and options
  • Different models available with many dimensions
  • Vast range of colors and finishes

Our multicultural team of professionals is dedicated to hospitality, speaking 6 languages and often traveling worldwide, always being available for advice to select the best products tailored to different kinds of needs.


Caddie hotel, leader in hospitality solutions production, distinguish themselves for the adaptability of their products.

Luggage trolleys, room accessories and cleaning solutions are designed to meet the needs of hotel of all sizes, from boutique hotel to large international hotel chains.

Thanks to a modular design and high-quality materials, caddie hotels’ products offer flexibility and durability. The company customises their offer to adapt to the specific needs aesthetically and functionally of their client.

Complete range of hotels trolleys

Caddie Hotel manufactures a complete range for hospitality, with numerous combinations and finishes: Front Office, Housekeeping, Laundry services, food service, room service.

Pioneers since day one in research and development, able to offer a complete range of products that no one else has, guaranteed to be flexible and reactive to solutions tailored to the client.

High construction and assembly quality, with the possibility to utilize a vaste range of materials (steel, wood, aluminium, leather, plastic, fabric, etc..).

Where does caddie hotel make a difference?

Discretion and silence
Silenced castors, contact absence between metal on metal for objects meant for internal guest area, deco finishes.
Bumper system, without angles/sharp edges, water resistant solutions and Harsh weather resistant.
Ergonomic and Safe usage
Designed heights, adjustable shelves and trolleys that can fit into the rooms.
Initial durable construction + spare parts availability.